Cream against cellulite

Not every woman is ready to put up with a problem like cellulite. And many are subject to this phenomenon. As a result, the demand for anti-cellulite drugs is huge. Manufacturers of cosmetics and pharmaceutical products offer a variety of drugs, a variety of forms, based on a variety of components.

And although the fight against cellulite should be approached in a comprehensive manner, but without the use of a cellulite cream, few people managed to win this fight.

Function of creams from cellulite

Getting rid of cellulite is not as easy as it might seem at first glance. Being a disease whose roots go to metabolic disorders, cellulite requires a multifaceted approach.

Cellulite is hypertrophy of subcutaneous fat, followed by stagnation of fluid in intracellular tissues. Subcutaneous fat is present to a greater or lesser extent throughout our body, and most it is concentrated in areas that suffer from cellulite. These are the hips, abdomen and buttocks, here fat cells tend to accumulate fat, because of what the skin and gets an uneven surface, the so-called “orange peel”. Long-term study of the problem of cellulite shows that due to natural inclinations this problem is mostly female. In men, cellulite also develops, but these are isolated cases, most related to the inappropriate production of hormones and disturbed metabolism. These same factors are also found among the “female” reasons for the development of cellulite along with others:

  • hormonal imbalance – in women there is a mass of periods when the probability of such is great, this is adolescence, pregnancy, and menopause, and in some cases imbalance can drag on in time;
  • disruption of the thyroid and / or pancreas, other glands, because of their functioning depends on the hormonal background and partly the metabolism;
  • dysfunction of the ovaries – they are involved in the production of sex hormones;
  • venous and lymphatic insufficiency, which leads to violations of microcirculation and lymphatic flow, and this in turn provokes stagnation of fluid in the tissues;
  • malnutrition – imbalance in the intake of proteins, fats and carbohydrates, enthusiasm for food “on the go”, violation of drinking regimen;
  • sedentary lifestyle – passive leisure and too low a number of physical exercises slows down metabolic processes and promotes the deposition of fat cells in areas prone to that.

Among other indirect causes of cellulite are frequent stresses, hereditary predisposition, poor ecology of the environment, bad habits, uncontrolled use of medicines, sudden weight jumps (as may be against a sharp slimming or the same pregnancy).

On which of the above factors is affected by the cream from cellulite? Of course, its application should be just one of the measures taken against this violation. The cellulite cream will not prove to be the most effective if its use is not combined with the use of other cosmetic products (anti-cellulite scrubs, oils), massage, physical exertion, healthy nutrition, treatment of hormonal and metabolic disorders, if any.

Local application of cosmetic products, one of which is the cream, allows to realize several tasks:

  • improve blood circulation and lymph flow, lymphatic drainage,
  • activate lipid metabolism, cleavage of fat cells,
  • produce antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effect on tissues,
  • eliminate stagnant processes,
  • to care for the skin – to soften it, to saturate it with moisture and nutrients, thereby normalizing local metabolism,
  • normalize the exchange of fluid in the cells and withdraw the excess, accumulated in them.

All this becomes possible due to the composition of creams from cellulite and is even more effective if backed up by the use of other anti-cellulite measures.

The most popular creams from cellulite

L’Erbolario – hyperactive fluid concentrate “Day & Night”; contains 15 active ingredients, the main ones of which are pineapple extract, horse chestnut seeds, linoleic acid, caffeine and Centella celiac aspirates;

Collistar – intensive anti-cellulite serum (Intensive Anticellulite Serum); An anti-cellulite lotion, enriched with plant stem cells, creates a skin wrapping action immediately.

Anti-Capiton Clarins is a cream containing six plant extracts that restore the skin, activate and improve microcirculation, moisturize for a more elastic and smooth skin.

Celluli Eraser Biotherm – consists of extracts of coral algae and caffeine, which in general actively destructively affect the available fat and prevent the formation of new fat deposits; extract of ginkgo biloba affects microcirculation, and salicylic acid exfoliates the skin.

Phyto-Svelt Global Sisley Paris – under the statement of manufacturers, provides elasticity of a skin and disposal of hypodermic fatty adjournment; a unique composition (floral extracts of bitter orange and caffeine among others) regulates the flow of adipocytes, slows the growth of new fat cells and fights with the accumulation of water in tissues.

Vichy Aqua Destock – cream contains russus, rutin, escin, caffeine, which in total counteracts the accumulation of lipids; except that the skin is provided with toning and smoothing, and the excess liquid is removed from the cells.

Nuxe Paris – acts purposefully against orange skin, thanks to herbal ingredients (caffeine, cocoa polyphenols and yakon extract, mimosa Brazil and glaucin extract) and special pigments that produce an optical recovery and elasticity effect.

Biotherm Celluli Laser Size Code – contains herbal active ingredients derived from the extract of green coffee, mate and ginkgo biloba; A powerful drainage effect is supplemented by a strengthening action.

Rodial Size Zero – cream offers a triple action in the fight against cellulite, fat deposits and water, thanks to a formula enriched with Pro Sveltyl, an active ingredient derived from lotus flowers; after using the cream, the skin becomes more elastic and elastic.

Ahava – moisturizes and tones, strengthens and smoothes the skin, improves tone and elasticity due to its special formula based on Asiatic Centella, Dead Sea minerals, date palm extracts; contains special active components, the concentration of which improves the natural ability of the skin to maintain subcutaneous hydration.

Deborah Milano – especially effective at the first stages, has a strengthening effect against little expressed disorders in adipose tissue; contains a complex of active components that prevent the accumulation of fat in favor of their elimination. Nanovector hyaluronic acid moisturizes the skin deeply, making it supple and elastic.

Yves Rosher – strengthening means of purposeful action on the hips; green coffee in the composition of anti-accumulation affects cellulite deposits, caffeine in the composition accelerates the elimination of cellulite by burning fat mass; Horse chestnut purposefully removes stored fat.

How to use a cream against cellulite?

It would seem that the complex application of the cream against cellulite. Put it on problem sites and wait for the promised action. Only need to consider that this is not enough. To ensure that the cream from cellulite shows itself at full strength, it is necessary to follow simple and clear rules:

  • the time of applying cream from cellulite – many women make the mistake of using anti-cellulite cream in the afternoon, but in fact, in accordance with biorhythms, the body will more effectively absorb the substances contained in the cream in the morning;
  • regular use – do not just remember the cream from time to time, but apply it daily (or several times a day, or several times a week) as indicated in the instructions;
  • long and consistent use – do not wait from the cream of momentary action, the receipt of active substances must occur consistently, only through this action it will be possible to achieve the result; will have to stock up with willpower and not to abandon what was started “halfway”;
  • intensity and technique of application – a few drops of cream from cellulite on the whole thigh is not enough, it is important to fully lubricate the skin with a cosmetic product; movements must be intense, rubbing, massage;
  • combine with massages – anti-cellulite massages should not be performed on “dry” skin, activation of cellular processes during skin mashing allows improving the access of substances contained in the cream to deep subcutaneous structures; thus a double action is ensured;
  • versatile approach – if you supplement the application of the cream with self-massage, do not stop there; Cellulite can be overcome if at the same time adhere to a balanced diet and physical activity, from cosmetics to use not only creams, but also dirt, scrubs, oils from cellulite.

The combination of cream from cellulite and massage deserves special attention. This can not be resorted to every time you apply the cream, for example, several times a week. On such days, try to ensure that the skin has access to the maximum amount of active substances necessary for it. To ensure that the cream is best absorbed during the massage, it must be preceded by applying a cleansing oil, then massage, then applying a serum or lotion-like remedy, and the final stage can be a modeling gel against fat accumulations.

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