Bodyflex for weight loss

Today, there are many methods of weight loss for every taste. Execution takes a different time, can be directed to different muscle groups and has its own characteristics. Rapid weight loss, according to fitness specialists and nutritionists, promotes bodyflex.

The creator of bodyflex is a resident of the US Grieg Childers. Thanks to the system she created, she was able to lose weight from 56 sizes to 44-th. The system is an exercise breathing gimnastics, combined with a load for the entire body. The system is based on aerobic respiration, like Pilates. It is believed that oxygen helps to burn fats in the blood faster.

Exercises are postures, during which a certain musculature is straining. Muscles come in tone, and the skin tightens. Therefore, bodyflex is also effective against hated cellulite and wrinkles that are inevitable with age. The pace of exercise can be called slow, because many, not having tried, doubt the effectiveness of the system.

Bodyflex helps to better saturate the body with oxygen than even running. An hour of jogging helps to get rid of 700 kcal. At the same time, aerobics on average helps to burn only 250-300 kcal. A bodyflex relieves for an hour from 3500 calories.

Exercises are divided into three groups:

  • isometric
  • isotonic
  • tensile

The first includes one muscle group, the second includes a few, and stretching have the same effect. During classes, there should be a diaphragmatic breathing, which people hardly use in everyday life. I need to breathe in with my nose, draw in air, and breathe out only with my mouth.

Advantages of bodyflex

Even one activity improves mood and improves overall well-being. For zanitis you do not need a lot of time. In a day you need to devote yourself only 15-20 minutes, if desired and more. Judging by the reviews, the waist after exercise bodyflex (7 days) can decrease by 5, and even 15 cm. The system includes exercises for the face and neck, which is not in fitness, aerobics and shaping. A vivid example: Leo (will be described below).

Who is fit bodyflex? Absolutely to everyone, regardless of gender, age and conditions in which you will train. You need a video, a description of the exercises and some free time. Do not spend money on season tickets and personal lessons, as well as on the road to the fitness center.

Features of bodyflex

  • Aerobic respiration saturates our body with oxygen, which helps to burn fat and positively affects absolutely all organs and systems
  • The system helps to speed up the metabolism, which also relieves fat deposits and is the prevention of many diseases, including cardiovascular
  • This system of exercises strengthens the lymph flow, because of which the body excretes toxins, slags and other clogging substances
  • Stomach after systematic training is compressed, because you can safely reduce portions. This is reflected in the daily calorie, which helps create a calorie deficit for weight loss
  • Bodyflex gives the effect of not only reducing the volume, but also modeling the body. You can purposefully influence the problem areas
  • At you the quantity of a cellulitis decreases because the skin is tightened, come to a tonus of a muscle and the quantity of hypodermic fat decreases. Legs look younger and healthy
  • The system of exercises helps to relax after a hard day’s work, to remove stress and get a helping of positive
  • The skin becomes better, both on the face and on the body
  • Improves overall health
  • The body becomes more flexible, which reflects on our gait, the ability to dance, etc.
  • Systematically engaged in this system (and adjusting the power in parallel), you will feel more young
  • Improves digestion

Efficacy of bodyflex

This system will bring the expected effect if you follow several rules. The first thing to consider is the regularity of the loads. You have to practice every day. Of course, you can start 2-3 times a week, if you have a lot of excess weight, and you have never been involved in sports or dancing. The option “I will miss training, is not suitable, but next time I catch up”. Classes should be continuous.

You have to work on an empty stomach. It is best to do this in the morning. If you plan to engage in bodyflex at another time, after the main meal should take 3 hours. The next thing you need to know: give up rigid diets. In no case you can not starve. You can feel that in connection with regular classes your appetite is less. And this is normal. Try to eat less fast carbohydrates: rolls, cakes, sweets, nougat, etc.


This system is not recommended for those who have severe cardiovascular diseases, such as aortic aneurysm, pulmonary hypertension, etc. The next contraindication: increased pressure inside the skull. If you are diagnosed with this condition, exercise bodyfish you will not work, there is a risk of aggravating your condition. Also, one should not deal with implants in the spine.

If you have suffered a surgical intervention on the spine, rehabilitate for 1-1,5 years, and then start the exercises after consulting with the attending physician in this regard. You can not engage in bodyflex people with acute infectious diseases and acute inflammatory processes in the body. When you have recovered, you can safely continue your studies. With exacerbations of chronic pathologies, it is also better to be at rest. Those who have a tumor, any bleeding, as well as pregnancy, should not be engaged.

Technique of breathing

Before doing the exercises, carefully read the breathing technique. This is a very important point. Take this position: stand, keeping your feet 30-35 cm apart from each other, lean your hands 3 cm above your knees. It will be similar to the fact that you will now sit down. Keep your head straight, look ahead, do not lower your chin.

1 stage of diaphragmatic respiration

Exhalation is done by the mouth, while from the lungs the processed air should be squeezed out. Lips should be rounded and slightly elongated. The exhalation should be slow, without jerks. When everything to the last drop came out of the lungs, the lips close.

2nd stage of diaphragmatic respiration

You need to breathe in quickly. It should be sharp, imagine yourself a very powerful vacuum cleaner, which suddenly turned on. Lungs should be filled with fresh air as much as possible. When you breathe in properly, there will be noise. If there is no noise when you inhale, then you are not following the technique correctly. Lips when inhaled should be closed, the air through them does not come out. At the same time raise the head. We keep air in the lungs.

3 stage of diaphragmatic breathing

The third stage consists in a sharp exhalation from the diaphragm with the help of the mouth. You need to push out absolutely every milliliter of air. On exhalation, abdominal muscles should be stressed. Begin by opening your mouth wide, and then squeezing the muscles of the diaphragm and abdomen. You will get a whistling sound of “py-yh” or “pah-ah.” Mentally concentrate on the diaphragm. The exhalation should be rapid.

4th stage of diaphragmatic breathing

In the fourth stage, we need to hold our breath. This is the most difficult moment. the lips close tightly. Consider that you have neither mouth nor nose. The head should be slightly inclined to the chest. Attention switch to the stomach. Slowly mentally count and slowly tighten the stomach, so that it is drawn like to the spine. The abdomen should be concave, all done in 8 counts (each count is 3 seconds). Maybe you will not be able to hold your breath so slowly in the first lesson, but gradually the ability will develop and you will reach the required time for holding your breath. At this fourth stage, all exercises are performed, which we will describe in detail below.

5th stage of diaphragmatic respiration

The next step is inhaling the nose. It is performed after the breathing delay described below. Relax muscles, and the air will go to your lungs. There will be a sound like “vs-sh-sh”.

It is important in turn without performing body movements to go through all 5 stages of breathing. Exercises can be started only when you fully master the breath. With food in the stomach to train even just breathing bodyfax can not, otherwise you may experience nausea, vomiting, and even digestive disorders. It is recommended to begin training in front of the mirror in order to maintain the correct position in space. The room should have enough fresh air. If you live in a private home, you can train in your yard.

Exercises bodyflex


The initial position: legs are arranged, knees are attached, the emphasis is above the knees. We do a breathing exercise, and at the delay we draw in the stomach as described above. Next, you need to straighten up and put your foot on the width of your shoulders, your hands to close in front of you in a circle. Elbows should be high to ensure only a touch of your fingers. The back may be slightly rounded. Then you need to strain your hands, rest your fingers on each other and push them as hard as possible. Hand movements are absent. The tension spreads from the wrist to the chest. So stay 8 seconds, then exhale, relax the muscles of your hands and return to the original position. Repeat the exercise Diamond needs 3 times.


Exercise is also known as Boat. It helps to make our thighs beautiful. You need to sit on the floor, legs spread each to their side. Then pull the socks to yourself and to the sides, so that the muscles of the thigh stretched even more. Keep your heels pressed to the floor. Hands put for writing, resting on the floor with palms. In this position, you need to go through all the 5 above described stages of breathing. After that, the head is tilted forward, we draw in the belly and make a delay in breathing. Hands then put in front of him so that his hands looked down. The back is slightly inclined. After that, the fingers of your hands move slowly at a slow pace, so that you bend as far as possible to the floor. You will feel the tension of the inner side of the thighs.

When you are at the bottom, you need to count to 8, keeping the position. Then you need to exhale, straighten up and place your hands behind your back. Like Almaz, the Boat exercise needs to be repeated 3 times in the technique that is described, unchanged.

A lion

This exercise was mentioned above as something that helps tighten the skin of the neck and face. The starting position is the same as usual in the bodyflex (it was described above). At the delay of breathing, you must take the basic posture, pull the stomach to the ribs. We gather our lips in a small circle, and open our eyes as much as possible, directing our eyes to the ceiling. So pull the muscles under your eyes. Together with this, lips (which are still in the “circle”) are lowered down, and the tongue is maximally protruding. At the same time, the tension in the lips is preserved. We hold this position, counting in the mind to 8. Exercise should be repeated 5 times. An important detail: the mouth should not be opened very widely.

Ugly grimace

This exercise acts on the chin and neck. First you can try to do it without breathing techniques. But gradually complicate your task. We stand straight, keep our head without slopes. Lower teeth lead forward, forming as it were a wrong bite. Lips stick out as if in an attempt to kiss someone who stands nearby. You will look like a chimpanzee, who climbs up kissing. The neck needs to be pulled and the lips stick out until you feel that you have reached the maximum. After that, at a slow pace, lift your head up and look at the ceiling, with a very strong tension in the neck and chin. The next day, there may be a very unexpected krepastura in this place. Repeat the exercise 4-5 times.

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