What is Insomnia?

Insomnia is a sleep disorder, which almost every person in life has probably encountered. This concept includes lack of sleep, inability or inability to fully sleep, problems with falling asleep, a short sleep time or constant early awakenings with the inability to fall asleep again.

Causes of Insomnia

The causes of insomnia can be a great many, because the ability to fall asleep affects both external and internal factors. Among the external causes of insomnia is the unfavorable situation around a person trying to fall asleep. Anything can interfere: an unfamiliar place, an uncomfortable bed (too soft or, conversely, too hard), noise, traffic around, too high or low air temperature in the room. The stressful situations with which a person constantly confronts at home and at work are very influential for sleep. Sleep disturbs and diseases, accompanied by severe pain, frequent urge to the toilet, difficulty breathing, itching of the skin and so on. Worries, fears and depression can also cause insomnia.

Symptoms of Insomnia

Insomnia can have both a chronic, permanent character, and it happens very rarely, several times a year. If you are not usually disturbed by sleep problems, but at some point you can not fall asleep due to stress, you can try to solve the problem yourself. But if insomnia is prolonged for a long period or its episodes often recur, if insomnia is caused by depression or fears, a person needs a doctor’s consultation.

Treatment of Insomnia

A person can try to solve their problems independently by falling asleep. First, make sure you are leading the right way of life. Sometimes it becomes a cause of insomnia, and to return the regime to a natural course, it may take several weeks.

What should not be done unambiguously – so it’s alcohol in the evenings. Of course, you may think that alcohol has a calming effect and helps to fall asleep. But this myth is associated with the sedative effect of alcohol on the body: a person falls asleep for a short time, then wakes up and can not fall asleep again. This is due to the influence of alcohol on the deep sleep phase. Nicotine has a stimulating, invigorating effect, so you will have to give up cigarettes to restore a healthy sleep.

It’s no secret that caffeine is one of the best invigorating agents. He remains in the human body for a whole day. Therefore, if you have a suspicion that it is the coffee that prevents you from falling asleep at night, refuse it and caffeinated products (cola, chocolate, tea).

Sleep can affect the drugs that you take. For example, some anti-cold medications sold in pharmacies without a special prescription have the same effect on the body as coffee. Therefore, if you have problems with falling asleep, be sure to ask the pharmacist how this medicine will affect your sleep.

Overeating at night can also prevent you from falling asleep, because an unpleasant feeling in your stomach will bother you at night. To satisfy your hunger, limit yourself to a light snack: crackers with honey and milk, mint or other herbal tea and so on.

Bath procedures should be performed a couple of hours before bedtime. The muscles will relax and you will quickly want to sleep. But right before going to bed it’s better to refrain from swimming, because hot water will affect your body as a stimulant, giving vigor and energy.

During the day, it is useful to do physical exercises, because physical activity will relieve tension, give cheerfulness in the morning and improve the process of falling asleep. But just before going to bed, you do not need to do gymnastics, because it stimulates the nervous system and disturbs sleep.

Prepare a place to sleep: there should be as dark and quiet as possible. If you get to sleep disturbing neighbors – buy gags for your ears. However, some people sleep much better quiet quiet music. The bed should not be too hard or too soft. Optimum – to buy a comfortable comfortable orthopedic mattress.

Give up a long sleep in the afternoon, because it only promotes insomnia.

Before going to bed it is useful to read a little – it relaxes and causes a nap. But the usual attempts to count sheep – not the best way to sleep: you just concentrate on a particular task and can not fully relax. It’s better to dream, imagine yourself in some nice place – in the forest, on the beach or in the mountains.

Before going to bed, try to be as much as possible abstracted from ordinary thoughts, counting costs, thinking over work plans or remembering unpleasant moments. This will cause stress and disturb you, hindering sleep.

With chronic insomnia, a doctor can recommend you a drug therapy, but hypnotics should be taken only in extreme cases. Sleeping pills usually do not cure insomnia, but only depress the person’s consciousness, and their prolonged reception can be addictive. If insomnia is caused by some kind of nervous breakdown or other disease – the doctor will choose the appropriate therapy.

Treatment of insomnia with folk remedies

Treatment of insomnia with honey

It is difficult to find a more effective and harmless remedy for insomnia than honey. Therefore, both traditional and traditional medicine agree that one should try to normalize sleep with the help of honey.

You can take it in different ways – for example, in the form of a tasty and useful syrup from a tablespoon of honey, a tablespoon of mineral water “Borjomi” and half a tablespoon of lemon, previously cut into small pieces. Take this remedy in the morning.

Honey (2 tablespoons) can also be mixed with lemon juice (1 glass) and ground walnut kernels (2 tablespoons). Take this remedy immediately before bed.

You can also raise honey by warm water or kefir in the ratio 1 tablespoon per glass (250 ml). Take this remedy is in the evening. It will also be useful to lubricate whiskey with lavender oil before going to bed.

Known folk recipe, which helps get rid of insomnia with the help of honey and apple cider vinegar. For 200 g of honey put 3 teaspoons of vinegar and mix well. Before going to bed, you need to eat a couple of teaspoons of this mixture – and in just 30 minutes you will feel a pleasant nap.

Treating insomnia with dues

Collection 1. Infusions and decoctions of medicinal plants will help you relax, calm nerves and defeat insomnia. Traditional medicine recommends brewing in a water bath 10 g of mixture of herb Leonurus, peppermint, rhizome of valerian and hop cones, connected in a proportion of 3: 3: 2: 2. Boil the medicine for 15 minutes, then cool, filter and add boiled cool water to restore the original volume of liquid (250 ml). Three times a day, this means drink half the glass. It will relieve nervous excitement and eliminate insomnia.

Collection 2. Half an hour in a glass of boiling water brew a tablespoon of a mixture of herb three-leaved grass, rhizomes of valerian, hop cones and mint leaves. All the ingredients are taken equally. Three times a day, the medicine is drunk in 100 ml. In the same way brews and flowers of hawthorn, rhizomes of valerian, leaves of mint and mistletoe are white, but take ingredients of 10 g.

Collection 3. Mix the ore of oregano (10 g) with the root of valerian (5 g), pour 1/3 cup of boiling water and boil over low heat for ten minutes. Then leave for an hour to brew and drink all the infusion before going to bed.

Collection 4. It is useful to brew thyme, marigold flowers and motherwort grass, joined in equal proportions. To a glass of boiling water add 10 g of collection (1 teaspoon) and boil for ten minutes. Then leave for an hour, then mix with honey and drink directly before bed.

Collection 5. Folk doctors advise to mix peppermint leaves with chamomile flowers, fennel, caraway seeds and valerian roots. All ingredients are taken in equal amounts. You will need to pour 10 g of 200 ml of boiling water and evaporate the medicine in a water bath for half an hour. Then, the broth is cooled slightly (for 10 minutes), the seeds are squeezed, the herbs are squeezed out and the volume of liquid is brought to the original by means of cool boiled water. In the morning, you need to drink half the glass of medicine, and in the evening – a glass.

Collection 6. An infusion of melissa leaves (20 g), valerian roots and motherwort leaves (30 grams each) is cooked for two hours, brewing in 300 ml of boiling water. After cooking, they take and drink in three meals in one day. The medicine will help with neuroses, have a calming effect and eliminate insomnia.

Treatment of insomnia baths

Water procedures – the best assistant in the fight against insomnia. You should know that the water temperature in them should not exceed 40 degrees. Take a bath should be a couple of hours before bedtime. Optimum if you ate 2 hours before taking a bath. The bathing itself should not last more than 25 minutes. Make sure that the water does not block the chest in the area of ​​the heart (this can adversely affect blood circulation).

Baths with medicinal herbs will be an effective medicine for you. For example, you can add to the bath a decoction of fragrant hay, which is pre-brewed in a three-liter pan. Also, healers are advised to brew pine cones and needles. They are boiled in two liters of cold water, after which they are left for another 12 hours. The color of the broth should be brown. It is added to a warm bath and stirred. The optimum water temperature is 36 degrees. The procedure should last no more than 15 minutes.

Take a bath and with the addition of valerian. Its root (200 g) is poured with 1 liter of water and boiled for ten minutes, after which it is left for an hour, is added and added to the bath. After ten or twelve baths, sleep problems should disappear.

It is also recommended to brew 500 g of lime blossoms in 2 liters of water. Bring the broth to a boil, cool, strain and pour into the bath.

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