What is Dipilidiosis?

Dipilidiosis is a helminthic disease of wild and domestic carnivorous animals. In humans, it is rare, causing dyspepsia and allergies.

It is widespread everywhere among wild and domestic animals (a dog, a cat, a fox, an arctic fox, etc.), occasionally occurs in humans (the final owners).

Causes of Dipilidiosis

The causative agent, Dipylidium caninum, is a cucumber tapeworm, gray-white, sometimes pinkish, about 40-70 cm long with a maximum width of 3 mm. The scolex is armed with hooks located on the proboscis in 4 rows. The genitals are double, the holes open at the sides of the segment. Mature segments of elongated shape resemble cucumber seeds, contain rounded capsules (cocoons), inside of which are lighter eggs – from 8 to 21 individuals. Eggs contain an oncosphere with 3 pairs of hooks. The diameter of eggs is 0,025-0,03 mm.

Symptoms of Dipilidiosis

The natural susceptibility of people is not defined.

A person becomes infected by accidentally swallowing invasive lashes or fleas, which is possible with close contact with dogs and cats.

The incubation period is not defined.

Dipilidiosis is clinically manifested by a disorder of appetite, increased salivation, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain, dizziness, increased nervous excitability, pallor of the skin and visible mucous membranes, bloating and painfulness during palpation, and a decrease in body weight. Sometimes it occurs subclinically and is manifested only by a rare spontaneous release of segments with feces. The most important symptom is the emergence of the helminth segments during bowel movements.

Diagnosis of Dipilidiosis

Dipilidiosis is diagnosed based on the detection of n feces of segments or helminth cocoons by the method of Fulleborn. Sometimes it is necessary to repeatedly examine the feces.

Dipilidiosis Treatment

The treatment is carried out with fenasalom.

The prognosis is favorable.

Prevention of Dipilidiosis

Observance of hygienic rules when keeping domestic cats and dogs. Immunoprophylaxis measures are not developed.

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