10 Reasons why you are growing old

Cosmetic surgery can be a quick way of returning a young and healthy species, but this is not the only way. If you focus on correcting actions that harm your health and age you, you can “turn the clock back.” The article describes 10 reasons that are most often mentioned by doctors and experts on anti-aging – as the most harmful to your appearance and health in general.

  1. Stress
    Since ancient times, we knew that high voltage lowers our immunity, increases the risk of heart disease and generally makes us feel unhappy. But now Elissa Epel, Ph.D., a professor of psychiatry at the University of California, San Francisco, has evidence at the cellular level, indicating that too much stress causes premature aging of the immune system. She found out that mothers with chronically ill children who felt most tired, had an extremely early aging of such cells.
    Recommendations: If you notice signs such as an accelerated heart beat or excessive sweating, take a series of deep breaths. A long-term solution is to allocate time in your life, to things that reduce tension.
  2. Consuming too much alcohol
    There is a lot of known about the harm of alcohol, although it is also known about the benefits of consuming red wine.
    Recommendations: One to two glasses of red wine per day can reduce the risk of death from heart disease by about a third, found in a study of the American Journal of Epidemiology. Women are advised to limit consumption by one glass a day, to men two. But do not drink more, otherwise you will seriously increase the risks of a variety of diseases, including strokes, liver, throat and breast cancers.
  3. Too little movement
    “Inactivity is the inclination that many of us have,” says William J. Evans, PhD, professor of geriatric medicine, nutrition and physiology at the University of Arkansas. But even a small amount of activity can prolong our life, reduce the likelihood of gaining excess weight, reduce stress and perhaps even reflect Alzheimer’s disease.
    Recommendations: The first thing you have to do is make a clear decision about increasing activity. You can just stay a little longer in a standing position and when walking or choose a staircase instead of an elevator. Then increase the activity to the level recommended by specialists: activity of moderate intensity, such as walking for half an hour or more, five times a week or more.
  4. Eating large amounts of saturated fat
    Saturated fats – in meat, poultry, milk and butter – can increase the amount of “bad” and total cholesterol and guide you along the path of heart disease.
    Recommendations: Bring your diet close to the Mediterranean cuisine and diet, a kind of ideal healthy diet for longevity, and train your taste to prefer monounsaturated fats found in canola, olive and peanut butter, as well as polyunsaturated fats found in safflower , cereals and linseed oil. “There is more and more evidence that Mediterranean style diets are healthy, even if you do not lose weight,” says Dr. Evans. One of the main tasks, according to American dieticians, is to reduce the intake of saturated fat to 10 percent or less of your total calories.
  5. Smoking cigarettes
    Tobacco smoking ranks first in the world among preventable causes of death, but about 5 million people die each year as a result of health problems caused by smoking. In developed countries, the life expectancy of smokers is on average 13 years shorter, compared with non-smokers.
    Recommendations: To reduce the risk of cancer and early appearance of wrinkles, use a nicotine gum. In a survey of 123 studies published in 2004, nicotine chewing gum and other nicotine replacement products, such as stickers, increased the chances of quitting smoking 2 times compared to attempts to quit, hoping only for their willpower.
  6. Inhalation of contaminated air
    Exterior air pollution can cause coughing and burning sensation of the eyes, and is also associated with asthma attacks and respiratory diseases.
    Recommendations: In this case it is easier to say than to do, but stay indoors as much as possible, when the levels of air pollution are too high.
  7. Too long exposure to open sunlight
    Annually, more than a million people in the US learn that they have skin cancer – and another 55,000 get the most deadly form of it, known as melanoma.
    Recommendations: Limiting exposure to sunlight and using sunscreen with a protective factor (SPF) of at least 15 reduces the risk of skin cancer, as well as wrinkles.
  8. Insufficient amount of sleep
    Lack of sleep is associated with obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure and memory problems, even among the younger generation.
  9. OverweightExcess weight increases the risk of heart disease, diabetes and even cancer, yet more than half of adults in civilized countries are overweight.
    Recommendations: The type of diet chosen for weight loss is less important than your willpower and compliance with that diet. Therefore, the key to success here is a diet that matches your image and lifestyle, i.e. diet, stick to which you will be most simple.
  10. Consuming too much sugar
    Excess sugar can lead to weight gain and possibly heart disease.
    Recommendations: Nutrition experts advise you to consume no more than 12 teaspoons of “added sugar” per day with a diet of 2,200 calories. To “curb” the craving for sweets, go to more fruits and sweet vegetables. And also read the labels on the products, in order to minimize the consumption of “added sugar”.

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